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Comment: Regarding transcripts to gene ID conversion in tximport by Nikolay Ivanov • 0
Fantastic, thank you, it's very convenient! Per tximeta output, the matching transcriptome was Ensembl - Homo sapiens - release 97.
Comment: How to launch the RnBeads Data Juggler? by Federica • 0
It worked! Thank u so much for your help!
Answer: makeTxDbFromUCSC("mm10", "refGene") gives "not supported" error by James W. MacDonald 56k
As you have noted, this was fixed last November: ``` > makeTxDbFromUCSC("mm10","refGene") Download the refGene table ... OK Download …
Comment: goseq package loading issues by James W. MacDonald 56k
Usually if there is a 00LOCK dir, it tells you that. What you are seeing may instead be due to more than one R session running concurrently…
Comment: How to launch the RnBeads Data Juggler? by James W. MacDonald 56k
You need to [install Rtools][1] to be able to compile source packages. After which it works fine: ``` > install("pillar") Bioconductor ve…
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