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Comment: CHIP Seq Analysis by DiffBind Package by Rory Stark ♦ 3.4k
I believe your samplesheet is tab-delimited rather than comma-separated (csv). You can either read it into a spreadsheet program and save …
Comment: DiffBind is losing peaks by Rory Stark ♦ 3.4k
This makes sense. MAPQ of 3 indicates a multi-mapped read -- there is not a unique alignment. This may be a repeat region which is why is h…
Answer: Interaction with DESeq2 via DiffBind by Rory Stark ♦ 3.4k
You can relevel the metadata using the `reorderMeta` parameter to `dba.contrast()`. You can just set the reference level or all the levels …
Comment: Normalization in DiffBind for Atac-seq by Debayan • 0
Hi Rory, Thank you very much for your insights.
Answer: Normalization in DiffBind for Atac-seq by Rory Stark ♦ 3.4k
Interesting questions! I'll start with the last question: > Also, if in a situation where I do no expect widespread changes of chroma…
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