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Comment: How to use EnrichGo of Cluster Profiler by Lluís Revilla Sancho • 610
Could you share what is the output of `head(gene)`?
Comment: DESeq2 Error: ncol(countData) == nrow(colData) is not TRUE by Pedram • 0
Hello Michael I could not make the same matrix although I did what you said
Comment: Replace a specific nucleotide sequence, at a specific position, with another in by Konstantinos Yeles • 40
Hello @Benjamin-24571 for your example, I can suggest you this code: Read <- c("1","2","3","4") Sequences <- c("ACACCCACG", "AA…
Comment: CHIP Seq Analysis by DiffBind Package by shrinka.genetics • 0
Hello Thanks for your reply. I changed my file format and now it ran. It gave one plot also. All file s are in same directory. No…
Answer: Installing Bioconductor packages in Docker by Konstantinos Yeles • 40
Hello, @adklts-21974 My way to do the installation of packages in a docker is like this: FROM bioconductor/bioconductor_docker…
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