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Comment: DeSEQ2 factor effect without interaction effect by Nik Tuzov • 70
Testing ~ A + B + A:B vs ~ A + A:B can be misleading in the following sense. The software, whatever it is, can code the A:B term differentl…
Comment: How to get both hgnc_symbol and all cdna_coding_start values associated? by bastien_chassagnol • 0
Thanks for your suggest, hoping one day that both nomenclature (HGNC and Ensembl) collaborate more, such that you can get at once all relev…
Comment: DESeq2 and shrinkage of log2 fold changes by Michael Love 31k
What do you mean that the set with FDR bound increases? Shrinkage methods in current versions of DESeq2 do not change the FDR (`padj` colum…
Answer: The compare result is different in score and Conc in DiffBind by shangguandong1996 • 20
I know in newer DiffBind version, the default of `score` argument is different, So I post a newer DiffBind version result. ``` library(…
Answer: Conc_1 in differnet result is slightly different by shangguandong1996 • 20
For a newer DiffBind version ``` library(DiffBind) library(BiocParallel) library(dplyr) tamoxifen <- dba(sampleSheet="tamoxifen.csv") ta…
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