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gravatar for svlachavas
6 months ago to
Greece/Athens/National Hellenic Research Foundation
For: "Error in readRDS(file) : unknown input format" appearing every time starting Rstudio after BiocUpgrade
gravatar for Catalina Aguilar Hurtado
7 months ago to
United States
For: Report and compare log2FC vs FC
gravatar for Gordon Smyth
8 months ago to
Gordon Smyth37k
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia
For: limma moderated t-statistics and B-statistics
gravatar for Gordon Smyth
11 months ago to
Gordon Smyth37k
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Melbourne, Australia
For: EdgeR LogCpm and LogFC values calculation
gravatar for AB
12 months ago to
United States
For: Batch correction in DESeq2
gravatar for Matthew Thornton
14 months ago to
USA, Los Angeles, USC
For: Limma design and contrast matrix question.
gravatar for Pablo marin-garcia
14 months ago to
United Kingdom
For: how to use biomaRt with ensembl build 37
gravatar for aristotele_m
2.1 years ago to
For: deseq2 filter the low counts
gravatar for Dave Tang
2.4 years ago to
Dave Tang210
For: Unable to find an inherited method for function ‘exprs’
gravatar for NS
2.4 years ago to
United States
For: Mapping genome regions to gene symbols
gravatar for Alyaa Mahmoud
2.4 years ago to
Alyaa Mahmoud440
For: error in hclust function
gravatar for tonja.r
2.7 years ago to
United Kingdom
For: FDR and padj in deseq and edger
gravatar for zpingfeng
3.6 years ago to
For: DESeq2 baseMean counts
gravatar for Pauly Lin
3.8 years ago to
Pauly Lin90
University of New South Wales, Australia
For: RPKM, CPM and TMM
gravatar for kmu004
3.9 years ago to
United States
For: DESEq2 comparison with mulitple cell types under 2 conditions
gravatar for wang peter
5.1 years ago to
wang peter2.0k
For: how to set R memory limit
gravatar for Zoha Moztarzadeh
8.1 years ago to
For: BLAST in R
gravatar for Marc Saric
12.1 years ago to
Marc Saric70
For: Fine tuning heatmap.2 graphics


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