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I encounter a problem using goSlim function in the package GSEAbase. 

I have a set of annotations (pasted below). When I use the goSlim function in order to have the counts of appearance of each Go Slim plant ontology, it seems to me that the counts are off. 

I noticed it because I am interested in one perticular ontology which is "GO:0005618" (cell wall), appearing two times in my annotation file but which is counted only one. Is there something I am missing here? 

My annotation file and code are below:

Here is my annotation file, named annot7:


Contig2390 GO:0000902 expansin-A1 isoform X1
Contig2390 GO:0005618
Contig2390 GO:0071554
Contig2390 GO:0005576
Contig2390 GO:0040007
Contig7915 GO:0007010 villin-3-like isoform X1
Contig7915 GO:0022607
Contig7915 GO:0008092
Contig10367 GO:0005975 endoglucanase 2
Contig10367 GO:0009056
Contig10367 GO:0005575
Contig10367 GO:0016798
Contig10367 EC:
Contig21476 GO:0016746 O-acyltransferase WSD1-like
Contig21476 GO:0006629
Contig21476 GO:0009058
Contig21476 GO:0005886
Contig21476 EC:
Contig21476 EC:
Contig71769 GO:0005975 plant invertase pectin methylesterase inhibitor superfamily
Contig71769 GO:0009056
Contig71769 GO:0005618
Contig71769 GO:0071554
Contig71769 GO:0030234
Contig71769 EC:
Contig71976 GO:0005575 glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 9-like
Contig71976 GO:0003674
Contig74515 GO:0005975 probable rhamnogalacturonate lyase B
Contig74515 GO:0003674


Here is my code:




fl <- system.file("extdata", "goslim_plant.obo", package="GSEABase")
slim <- getOBOCollection(fl)


# Here, length(which(currentCollecSet7=="GO:0005618")) is 2

freqGO_7_MF=goSlim(currentCollecSet7, slim, "MF")#or BP or CC
freqGO_7_BP=goSlim(currentCollecSet7, slim, "BP")
freqGO_7_CC=goSlim(currentCollecSet7, slim, "CC")


#and this is what I get:

> freqGO_7_CC
           Count   Percent                               Term
GO:0005575     4 36.363636                 cellular_component
GO:0005576     1  9.090909               extracellular region
GO:0005578     0  0.000000 proteinaceous extracellular matrix
GO:0005615     0  0.000000                extracellular space
GO:0005618     1  9.090909                          cell wall
GO:0005622     0  0.000000                      intracellular
GO:0005623     2 18.181818                               cell
GO:0005634     0  0.000000                            nucleus
GO:0005635     0  0.000000                   nuclear envelope
GO:0005654     0  0.000000                        nucleoplasm
GO:0005730     0  0.000000                          nucleolus
GO:0005737     0  0.000000                          cytoplasm
GO:0005739     0  0.000000                      mitochondrion
GO:0005764     0  0.000000                           lysosome
GO:0005768     0  0.000000                           endosome
GO:0005773     0  0.000000                            vacuole
GO:0005777     0  0.000000                         peroxisome
GO:0005783     0  0.000000              endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005794     0  0.000000                    Golgi apparatus
GO:0005829     0  0.000000                            cytosol
GO:0005840     0  0.000000                           ribosome
GO:0005856     0  0.000000                       cytoskeleton
GO:0005886     1  9.090909                    plasma membrane
GO:0009536     0  0.000000                            plastid
GO:0009579     0  0.000000                          thylakoid
GO:0016020     1  9.090909                           membrane
GO:0030312     1  9.090909   external encapsulating structure



Thanks for reading me!

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Sorry for my slow response, but yes, this seems to be a bug; thanks! It is fixed in version 1.38.2, which should become available via biocLite() on Thursday after about 2pm Eastern, all being well. The updated output is

> goSlim(currentCollecSet7, slim, "CC")
           Count Percent                               Term
GO:0005575     6   37.50                 cellular_component
GO:0005576     1    6.25               extracellular region
GO:0005578     0    0.00 proteinaceous extracellular matrix
GO:0005615     0    0.00                extracellular space
GO:0005618     2   12.50                          cell wall
GO:0005622     0    0.00                      intracellular
GO:0005623     3   18.75                               cell
GO:0005634     0    0.00                            nucleus
GO:0005635     0    0.00                   nuclear envelope
GO:0005654     0    0.00                        nucleoplasm
GO:0005730     0    0.00                          nucleolus
GO:0005737     0    0.00                          cytoplasm
GO:0005739     0    0.00                      mitochondrion
GO:0005764     0    0.00                           lysosome
GO:0005768     0    0.00                           endosome
GO:0005773     0    0.00                            vacuole
GO:0005777     0    0.00                         peroxisome
GO:0005783     0    0.00              endoplasmic reticulum
GO:0005794     0    0.00                    Golgi apparatus
GO:0005829     0    0.00                            cytosol
GO:0005840     0    0.00                           ribosome
GO:0005856     0    0.00                       cytoskeleton
GO:0005886     1    6.25                    plasma membrane
GO:0009536     0    0.00                            plastid
GO:0009579     0    0.00                          thylakoid
GO:0016020     1    6.25                           membrane
GO:0030312     2   12.50   external encapsulating structure

with increments occurring both in the primary id and also offspring. For instance the count for GO:0005575 changes from 4 to 6 because it is represented twice as primary id, twice as child of the duplicated id GO0005618, and once each as child of the unique ids GO:0005576 and 0005886.

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Thanks a lot! It works now and the results seems more logical. 


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