Question: Unexpected results in the output files
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Silvia0 wrote:

I get unexpected results from the output, with some FDR values being 1. I also see some inconsistencies between that output and the underlying data passed to that function. For example, this is a part of the output, called using the command, contrast=1, th=1, file="sites"):

"15",42861570,42864785,7.43,6.88,7.83,-0.95,3.4e-09,2.26e-06 which the peak on chromosome 16 has an unexpected FDR of 1. However, if I extract the original values corresponding to those same lines from the same contrast in my DBA object (using the command db_analysis$contrasts[1][[1]][[5]]$de) I get the following results:

3748   3748 1.958108e-09 1.610824e-06
313     313 2.574405e-09 1.939354e-06
23318 23318 2.567537e-09 1.939354e-06
30796 30796 2.565474e-09 1.939354e-06
42381 42381 2.581988e-09 1.939354e-06
16691 16691 3.397763e-09 2.259378e-06
34115 34115 3.244742e-09 2.259378e-06
34361 34361 3.287747e-09 2.259378e-06
45122 45122 3.131840e-09 2.259378e-06
46641 46641 3.213740e-09 2.259378e-06
47711 47711 3.400413e-09 2.259378e-06

Unfortunately I cannot send you the input files (both for their size and because it's still unpublished data), so hope this could help you finding what's going on with this command. The R version I'm using is 3.4.0 (2017-04-21), whereas the version of DiffBind is 2.4.8 .



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Rory Stark2.6k
CRUK, Cambridge, UK
Rory Stark2.6k wrote:

Hi Silvia-

Turns out this is a bug in DiffBind relating to some changes made somewhere along the way in DESeq2.

Specifically, returns the report sorted by p-value. However in certain cases, some sites that have low p-values are excluded from multiple testing correction by DESeq2 and are assigned a FDR value of 1.0.

I'm looking at the best way to address this and check in a bugfix soon for DiffBind 3.6

There are a couple of workarounds. One is to use a FDR threshold less than 1.0 (for example th=.99), which will exclude all the sites with FDR=1.0 (which you are probably not interested in anyway). The other way is to re-sort the report by FDR:

> dbreport <-, th=1)
> dbreport <- dbreport[order(dbreport$FDR),]

In this case, there will still be a problem if you write the report out within, so you would need to write out the returned, re-sorted report yourself as a .csv file.

I'll let you know when I've checked in a fix.



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Silvia0 wrote:

Thanks a lot Rory for looking into this.

However, after having a second look at your reply I got a bit confused... You said that the error of writing FDR=1 to the output file happens for some sites that have low p-values (did you mean 'high', btw?). The p-value in the example above corresponding to FDR=1 is 2.96E-09, which is actually very significant and it would therefore not be a good idea to discard that site. Did you mean that in cases like this, the corresponding p-value is also erroneous/wrong?



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DESeq2 is indeed assigning an FDR of 1.0 to a site with a p-value of 2.96E-09. As I understand it, this is due to their implementation of independent filtering, which is on by default. See the man page for DESeq2::results for more details, and the associated reference Independent filtering increases detection power for high-throughput experiments.

I'm planning on taking a closer look at independent filtering in DiffBind, as it should either a) change the alpha parameter based on the desired FDR threshold or b) possibly turn off independent filtering entirely.



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ck151150 wrote:

I am experiencing the same problem with DiffBind3.6. When do you think a bug-fixed version will be released?

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The simple fix (sorting by FDR instead of p-value) is there now, DiffBind 2.6.5.


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Thanks for that, although it still doesn't solve the problem of (quite some) very significant regions being discarded because of their (post-filtering modified) FDRs. It would be ideal to turn off this extra-filtering step done by DESeq2 within DiffBind. Is there an anticipated release date for the next version?

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