How to control the size of labels on heatmaps in DiffBind
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epstein • 0
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In DiffBind when you draw a heatmap based on an experiment with a small number of observations the labels are quite large and only a few characters fit on the screen.  As the number of observations goes up the font size goes down and more characters are printed.  I'm' wondering if I can gain control of the font size in the labels, to enable me to see more characters even in experiments based on a small number of observations.  Note, I'm not talking about main and sub titles, which it seems I can control with statements like cex.sub = 0.5 (etc.). I'm drawing the heatmaps with a pdf() statement followed by a plot() statement and a statement, using R in a non graphical UNIX environment.  I'm fairly new to R so if this is something obvious to more experienced R users I would not know it.

Thank you

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Rory Stark ★ 4.0k
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CRUK, Cambridge, UK

The dba.plotHeatmap() function will accept additional parameters for control the plotting of the heatmap. If you look at the help page for gplots::heatmap.2, you can find a bunch of parameters you can set. Specifically, you can set cexRow to change the size of the row labels.




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