pthread problem with tokay2 window platform
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I have some problem with configuration of the pthread for the package I am building on the bioconductor tokay2 platform. Has someone else have work on this before. 

Here is the detail of the problem:

I am building a package using Rcpp to wrap a C++ code, for the C++ code, I decided to use pthread to support for multiple threading. However, I got error on the bioconductor tokay2. Basicly, I have n subcomputation to be handled by m threads and each thread should handle n/m subcomputations. However, at this step it is wrong. I also tried package check for the windows on CRAN, which does not throw out any error. 

Here is the link to the check output.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. 

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This is a question for the BioC-devel mailing list, rather than the support site (which is for users). I note that it is unusual (and incorrect) that you have a package in the devel repository with an even version number.

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Agree on both counts -- ask questions about package development on the bioc-devel mailing list. Looks like your package was accepted in the current devel cycle. It remains in 'devel' until our next release in the spring. Normally you would continue to increment version numbers 0.99.1, 0.99.2, ..., 0.99.9, 0.99.10, ... until the release. We would then create a release branch with version 1.0.0, and bump the version in devel to 1.1.0. Since version numbers should only increase, and since version numbers in devel should be 'odd', you should increment your version to 1.1.0, and subsequently to 1.1.1, 1.1.2, ...1.1.9, .1.1.10, .... The version numbering scheme is indicated here.

Also, the CRAN package builder is meant to test package builds of CRAN packages, so it's not really appropriate to test there.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for the answer for a new member here. I will close this question and repost to Bioc-devel mailing list.


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