Function to specify axis limits according to data range for node or parent node
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Se example below, from ggcyto vignettes:
gh <- gs[[1]]
nodes <- getNodes(gh, path = "auto")[c(3:6)]
autoplot(gh, nodes, bins = 64)+ylim(???)


I am looking for a way to specify axis limits ("ylim") specifically for all Objects in a gating hierarchy, possibly by a function that uses the data range in the particular channel for the particular node (or parent node), or ideally an option to do so if deemed necessary.

The problem is mostly related to default y channel being SSC-A, and in some of the gating hierarchy Objects I would like to set the ylim to for example 2x max value for the gated population in that channel.

Help for syntax in a user-defined function within ylim would be greatly appreciated.

With regards,

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