methyAnalysis - library(methyAnalysis) hangs when talking to Internet
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I'm attempting to install methyAnalysis for one of our researchers.  We need to use it on a secure server that cannot talk to the Internet, so generally I install R packages on another server, and move the installed libraries to the secure server.  I did this with methyAnalysis.


library(methyAnalysis) works on the non-secure server, but on the secure server it hangs just after the message "Setting options('GEOquery.inmemory.gpl'=FALSE)".  I presume it is attempting to talk to the Internet and can't.  On the non-secure server I see network traffic to at that time.


Am I correct, that loading the library methyAnalysis needs to talk to a server through the Internet?  And is there a way to avoid that?


Matthew Cahn



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