Question: circular genome visualisation: genomic.labels: Error in if (cr != chr) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
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chrisclarkson10030 wrote:

I am finding your circlize package really useful. However, I am trying to label certain parts of the genome in my circular diagram with the function "genomic.labels" and getting the highlighted error below:


  circos.initializeWithIdeogram(chromosome.index = paste0("chr", c(1:22,'X')))

  circos.genomicDensity(data_from_bed1, col = c("#FF000080"), track.height = 0.1)

  circos.genomicDensity(data_from_bed2, col = c("#B0E0E6"), track.height = 0.1)

  circos.genomicLabels(differential_labels, labels.column=5, side = "inside",

        cex=1.8,col = 'black', line_col='black')

    Error in if (cr != chr) { : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed


The data from the differential_labels variable is just a normal bed file format. e.g.


1    chr1     10011     10526 277          chr1_10011_10526

2    chr1  31904591  31905068 497    chr1_31904591_31905068

3    chr1 108113082 108113613 259  chr1_108113082_108113613

4    chr1 143366525 143366833 219  chr1_143366525_143366833

5    chr1 149032152 149036235 214  chr1_149032152_149036235

6    chr1 235680770 235681860 205  chr1_235680770_235681860

7    chr1 236260392 236260727 230  chr1_236260392_236260727

8    chr1 240347680 240348538 254  chr1_240347680_240348538

9    chr1 248571411 248572287 310  chr1_248571411_248572287

10  chr10  42354937  42385067 528   chr10_42354937_42385067


When I try this with code (using an example for from the package vignette (Chapter 11 figure 11.3)) using data from a randomly generated bed file it works fine....


bed = generateRandomBed(nr = 50, fun = function(k) sample(letters, k, replace = TRUE))
bed[1, 4] = "aaaaa"
circos.genomicLabels(bed, labels.column = 4, side = "inside")

Can anyone help me out?

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Dear Chris,

Hope you are well. I am facing the same problem. Did you resolve this? If so, could you please help me?

Cheers Naveen

ADD REPLYlink written 8 months ago by whizkid9960

Hi Naveen, Sorry I'm so late to reply- I haven't been logged into this site for ages... I went through my notes on this project and I think that I just gave up on trying to fit 2 genomic density profiles and labels all in one plot... Instead I just went for one genomic density profile and labels on the inner ring and this seemed to fit.

Also their may have been a problem with the ordering/ sorting of the bed file used to input the label locations...

I had to sort it as follows:

chr10    2000    3000    green
chr10    4000    5000    red

for(i in c(1:22,c('X'))){

circos.genomicLabels(bedfile_labels, labels.column = 4, side = "inside", cex=1.8,
                     col = ord$color,line_col = ord$color)

I'm sorry about the lateness.... I hope this helps- but it was so long ago that I wrote the code that it might not be helpful

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