igraph page_rank miR2Pathway: Top ranked list, printing out pathway names
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I am one of the developers of the miR2Pathway tool and this program depends on igraph. Here is my github


miR2Pathway is a PageRank-based method that can be used to rank disease risk of miRNA-mediated biological pathways. miR2Pathway can help explore how much miRNAs differentially influence the activity of biological pathways between two classes of phenotypes.

I need help with printing out the pathway names for the resulting p-values that are found by miR2Pathway. But after looking at the igraph documentation I still cannot find a way to do it. My code is error free, just hoping for some helpful suggestions.

Additionally, the pathway names should join the miR2Pathway output, if run with the example dataset on my github, my output is a series of P-values:

> results

[1] 1.0000000 1.0000000 0.4349838 0.1928467 1.0000000 1.0000000 0.4349838 0.1928467 1.0000000 1.0000000 0.4349838 0.1928467 1.0000000 1.0000000

[15] 0.4349838 0.1928467


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Please post questions about Bioconductor package development to the bioc-devel mailing list. Please provide a simple reproducible example to get us going -- it's too hard for someone not working on your code to figure out what you're trying to do, and where it goes wrong.


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