TPM data Differential expression analysis
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ghmdsr • 0
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I'm  graduate-student in bioinformatics.

i want test my algorithm with TCGA expression data.

This data has TPM value. (so i can't get read count for EdgeR)

I've done DEG analysis to read count with EdgeR.

But this time, I got TPM value which would be used in EdgeR.

How can i analyze differential expression with TPM data? 

edger limma differential gene expression • 3.9k views
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WEHI, Melbourne, Australia

Despite their popularity, TPM values are really only for description purposes and are not suitable for DE analyses. There is no entirely satisfactory way to do a DE analysis of TPM values. See comments I made previously about FPKM:

A: Differential expression of RNA-seq data using limma and voom()

Everything I said about FPKM applies equally well to TPM.

What many people do is a limma-trend analysis of log2(TPM+1). I've never done that myself, but I can't think of anything better if all you have are TPM.


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