BSmooth does give DMRs without no replicate data sets
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nilaycan • 0
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Hello all,

I am trying to run BSmooth with my no biological or technical replicate data-sets. In many forums and their manual also, they declared that if you do not have "any replicates", you should use Fisher's exact test instead of t-test. I changed properly all the functions and parameters according to this criteria but I am getting the same error. The error is : Error during wrapup: 'x' must be an array of at least two dimensions

Is it possible that I am doing something wrong or improper? Can anyone give me some idea about this issue?

Thanks in advance,


bsmooth without replicate dimension • 370 views
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You don't show any code or the output from sessionInfo, so it's not possible for anybody to help you. Ideally you would give a self-contained example that does what you say, so others could run the code and tell you if it's expected behavior or not. Otherwise we can only guess, which by definition will not be useful for you.


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