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Can the development team on bioconductor add Python functionality to bioconductor (or at least Java) those languages have huge open source & private enterprise ML support & I feel that bioconductor can lead to some great breakthrough with bioinformatics & computational biology, etc with the platform extends it's languages. I wanna add for any naysayers that mission & goals of bioconductor is trying to accomplish is uner important to be blogged down with anyone who feel like the platform should just stick with R.
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This question belongs on the bioc-devel mailing list.

Bioconductor supports R packages that call python (e.g., through the excellent package reticulate) or java (e.g., through rJava); we do not support pure java or python packages, nor do we support java or python programs that call R. There are biology-oriented communities in python, java, perl, and other languages.


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