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I am following an NGS ChIP-seq tutorial that requires me to set a working directory and use the function systemArgs. I have successfully created my working directory using this code:

> library(systemPipeRdata)
> genWorkenvir(workflow = "chipseq")
[1] "Generated chipseq directory. Next run in chipseq directory, the R code from *.Rmd (*.Rnw) template interactively. Alternatively, workflows can be exectued with a single command as instructed in the vignette."
> setwd("chipseq")

However, when I try to run the chunk of code that includes the function systemArgs, I get an error reading there is no file and R cannot open the connection. Here is my chunk of code and the error I receive:


args <- systemArgs(sysma = "param/trim.param", mytargets = "targets_chip.txt")
filterFct <- function(fq, cutoff = 20, Nexceptions = 0) {
  qcount <- rowSums(as(quality(fq), "matrix") <= cutoff)
  fq[qcount <= Nexceptions]
preprocessReads(args = args, Fct = "filterFct(fq, cutoff = 20, Nexceptions = 0)", batchsize = 100000)
writeTargetsout(x = args, file = "targets_chip_trim.txt", overwrite = TRUE)


> args <- systemArgs(sysma = "param/trim.param", mytargets = "targets_chip.txt")
cannot open file 'param/trim.param': No such file or directoryError in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection

I guess I am asking: how do I fix this error?




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