Question: Problem for getting P-Value in Module-Trait Relationship in WGCNA
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I Use WGCNA for network analysis. So, one of the WGCNA steps is designing plot of Module-Trait Relationship. In this plot, we can see the relationship between different extracted modules and different Trait variables. Also, in this plot we can see P-Value for each Module-Trait Relationship.So, via these P-Values we can find significant relationships between modules and Traits. In my study, the number of modules is high and in the plot, the number of P-values for each relationship is mixed and not readable. I need help for extracting these p-value as a .csv file out of this plot.

I appreciate if any body help me for my problem.


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P.S: I uploaded my Plot in this address:

weighted correlation network analysis WGCNA P-Value • 1.1k views

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