gene set enrichment analysis
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Dear all,

we wish you a fruitful autumn time ! I would like to ask  for a piece of advice, particularly, which R/BioC package would you recommend for GSEA (and it is close to java implementation available at ). 

many thanks for your suggestions, 

-- bogdan

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I am assuming that you want, not just gene set enrichment analysis in general, but the specific GSEA method published by the Broad Institute. As far I know, there is no public R package that is equivalent to the Broad Institute's Java "GSEA" method. This discussion on Biostars is relevant:

I note that you asked the same question on this forum a few years ago, but without the reference to the Broad Institute's Java implementation: gene set (enrichment) analysis

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Dear Gordon, thank you for your message.

Yes, I have used a while ago the java implementation of GSEA that is available from Broad Institute, together with MSigDB database. Now, I am re-writing some RNA-seq analysis pipeline in R, and ideally, I would like to have all the analysis "chapters" in R, that I could run in a very automated way.

I've just came across EnrichmentBrowser package


and now I am checking whether the script :

sbea(method="gsea", se=allSE,, perm=0, alpha=0.1)

provides a good alternative. I can see that we could use as method also "roast", and "camera". Thank you ..




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