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I am in an undergrad independent research class. My PI has tasked me with learning a bioinformatics software to create an SOP for her lab to be able to do in house analysis. She tasked me originally to learn QIIME2. We have been dealing with issues getting that program loaded onto the lab analysis computer. We are going to be getting an upgrade on that part to solve that over Thanksgiving break. My friend sent me a link to Bioconductor last night and looking at it, it may be similar. So my question is, would functionality be similar between the two programs or are they very different? I am just looking to see about moving forward with getting a program into her lab that I can create an SOP around for the class. If it is worth learning Bioconductor instead, I will see about installing it on the computer but if it is not a valid replacement for QIIME and they have different functions, I will move forward with upgrading the computer to allow QIIME to run. Please don't roast me, I am just trying to learn! Haha. - Cheers, Shawn in Denver




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It would help if you mentioned the package that you propose to use. Bioconductor is a big project, and your question is too vague to get the attention of the relevant package maintainers. Read the posting guide and edit your post accordingly.

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And perhaps tell us a bit more about the types of data and analyses you are being asked to support


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