DESeq2 - shrunken log fold changes and threshold test
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Hello everyone,


I have just read the vignette about DESeq2 and I have a question about shrunken log fold changes and threshold test.

I use DESeq() and results() functions to get the gene set with absolute LFC > 1. I understood that the tests give me the results with LFC estimated by MLE.

However, some absolute LFC become lower than 1 after being shrunk by lfcShrunk function.


Is it possible and does it make sense testing for statistical significance of absolute LFC > 1 estimated by MAP (apeglm) ?


I apologize if the question has been asked before.

Thanks in advance,



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We do have inference for the posterior (shrunken) LFC but instead of the point null, we estimate posterior probability of false sign and use the s-value as defined by Stephens. It is analogous to the q-value or adjusted p-value but for bounding the rate of false sign. Just set svalue=TRUE. There is some more explanation in the DESeq2 and the apeglm vignettes.


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