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i am an undergraduate student and my supervisor told me to make a research proposal on 

how to use bioinformatics to study schizophrenia.

I don't know where to start. and how to make a good research proposal on that. 

could some help me in the best possible way,

please elaborate your answer because I am new in this field.

or suggest some good papers on that.


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I'm not quite sure what forum to direct you to so that you can get the best help for this question, but honestly this one isn't it.

That having been said, it's hard for me not to try to offer some help, so just a few thoughts:

  1. I'd first go back to have a chat with your supervisor and see if she can provide a bit more guidance on where you can start.

  2. Before you do that, you and Google Scholar should spend some time getting to know each other; for instance, you might search for (i) papers that use gene expression to study schizophrenia. You can try to refine that search to specifically look for microarray or rna-seq data; and (ii) there have surely been efforts to characterize the genetics of schizophrenia. Try searching for gwas studies related to schizophrenia.

    You might try to further filter those hits for review papers that will give you a birds eye view of the published work around these topics (relative to date of the review paper).

By doing a bit of reading up with google scholar, you can go back to your supervisor better equipped for the conversation you will have with her asking if she could provide a bit more guidance.

Good luck!


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