Question: Collapse Replicates effect on heat map construction
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I cannot seem to figure out why my heat map does not group my samples by condition when I use collapse replicate function. The only thing that is changed is dds --> ddsColl and vstdds --> vstddsColl. Any help would be appreciated. 

### DESeq2 Analysis on Personal ###



cts <- read.csv(file='/Users/Corey/Desktop/DESeq2/Final_DESeq2/cts.csv')



colData <- read.csv(file='colData.csv')



rownames(cts) <- cts$Geneid

cts$Geneid <- NULL



dds <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData=cts, colData=colData, design= ~ patient + condition)

keep <- rowSums(counts(dds) >= 10) >= 5

dds <- dds[keep,]

dds$condition <- relevel(dds$condition, ref='NT')

# micheal said it doesnt matter what the refernce is b/c the comparision between the sample remains the same

ddsColl <- collapseReplicates(dds, dds$id)

ddsColl <- DESeq(ddsColl)

# Does ddsColl throw off heatmap generation

dds <- DESeq(dds)


res <- results(ddsColl, name="condition_MPT_vs_NT", lfcThreshold=0.585, alpha=0.05)


resOrder <- res[order(res$padj),]

write.csv(, file='DESeqResults.csv')




pdf('heatmap_top100.pdf', height=10, )
select <- order(rowMeans(counts(ddsColl,normalized=TRUE)), decreasing=TRUE)[1:100]
df <-[,c("condition","patient")])
pheatmap(assay(vstddsColl)[select,], cluster_rows=FALSE,show_rownames=FALSE,cluster_cols=FALSE, annotation_col=df)


pdf('heatmaptop100.pdf', height=10, )
select <- order(rowMeans(counts(dds,normalized=TRUE)), decreasing=TRUE)[1:100]
df <-[,c("condition","patient")])
pheatmap(assay(vstdds)[select,], cluster_rows=FALSE,show_rownames=FALSE,cluster_cols=FALSE, annotation_col=df)


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Answer: Collapse Replicates effect on heat map construction
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Michael Love25k
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Michael Love25k wrote:

pheatmap groups samples by distance. Take a look at the help pages in the pheatmap package. I don’t understand how this has anything to do with collapseReplicates. These operations aren’t repeated. If you collapse technical replicates, pheatmap doesn’t “know” about this, it only sees the collapsed samples you provide to it.

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Before Collapse Replicates

After CollapseReplicates

As noted before the only changes were the dds to ddsColl objects. It seems to now group by patients rather than condition. I will also look at help pages of pheatmap also but any other information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. 

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