Request for users of limmaGUI, affylmGUI, JSM2005 or IBC2004 microarray course websites or my R-Tcl/Tk examples
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[PLEASE REPLY _OFF_ THE LIST, i.e. DON'T CC to bioconductor at ...] Hi, I don't see this sort of thing very often on the mailing lists, so list moderators and others should feel free to tell me if it breaches list etiquette and/or delete my post if necessary. But I can't see what harm it could do... I am just wondering approximately how many people use / have used some of the R/BioC stuff I've developed (and in how many countries). In particular I'm talking about my two BioC packages limmaGUI and affylmGUI (now maintained by Keith Satterley), and/or the JSM2005 and IBC2004 microarray analysis course websites and/or the R-Tcl/Tk examples I've put at If it's not too much trouble, could you please tell me [OFF THE LIST] if you use / have used any of these things (otherwise don't reply) and what country you are from, and if there are many other people where you work who use them but would not reply on the R mailing list themself? e.g. "I use / have used affylmGUI. I am from Canada. Two other people I work with have also used it, but they don't read the R/BioC mailing lists so won't reply themselves." If I get an absolutely massive response, I may have to set up some harsh email filters and delete some of the incoming replies, but I think I can handle the sort of response I am expecting. Apologies if anyone feels that I am misusing the mailing list(s). Best wishes to all, James
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