Question: How can I compute AIC for MAST hurdle model fitted in the whole dataset?
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Hi everyone, I'm doing some comparisons between models and for each of them I'm going to compute Akaike information Criterion (AIC) and Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC). When it comes to MAST hurdle model ( ... under the chapter "Single-cell RNA-seq hurdle model"), I don't understand how to determine the number of parameters for the Continous part and for the Discrete one. I'll make a toy example:


# Experiment with 100 cells and 1000 genes
# Generate obs from a truncated gaussian
tn <- matrix(rtruncnorm(100000, a=1e-8, b=Inf, mean = 10, sd = 5),ncol = 100)
# Generate bernoulli obs
bn <- matrix(rbinom(100000,1,c(0.1,0.4,0.7,0.9)),ncol = 100)
# Adding zeroes
tn[bn==1] <- 0
# Converting to single-cell object
sca <- FromMatrix(tn)
# Compute cngeneson in order to have a discrete analog of global normalization
ngeneson <- apply(tn,2,function(x) mean(x>0))
CD <- colData(sca)
CD$ngeneson <- ngeneson
CD$cngeneson <- CD$ngeneson-mean(ngeneson)
colData(sca) <- CD
# hurdle model estimation
hm <- zlm(~ 1 + cngeneson ,method = "bayesglm", sca = sca)

# AIC calculation: How can I compute the number of parameters? 
total_AIC <- sum(2 * num_params - 2 * hm@loglik)
total_BIC <- sum(log(100) * num_params - 2 * hm@loglik)

From the glm theory I remember that if I compute the difference between:

num_params = -(hm@df.null - hm@df.resid)
#  That shoul correspond to = n - 1 - (n - p - 1) = p

Then I should add 1 for the intercepts in both Continous and Discrete parts and another 1 for the variance of the truncated normal in the Continous part? But I'm not very sure about this because I don't understand the way df.resid are calculated in this model. Can someone enlighten me please?

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