DEseq2 time-series design
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Hi All,

I have time series study, where colData files look like

      cellLine   dex timeStep batch
      200142521     TF-1  CTRL       24     A
      200142571     TF-1 IFN-g       24     A
      200142621     TF-1  CTRL       48     A
      200142661     TF-1 IFN-g       48     A
      200142701     TF-1  CTRL       72     A
      200142741     TF-1 IFN-g       72     A
      700347671     TF-1  CTRL       24     B
      700347681     TF-1 IFN-g       24     B
      700347691     TF-1  CTRL       48     B
      700347701     TF-1 IFN-g       48     B
      700347711     TF-1  CTRL       72     B
      700347721     TF-1 IFN-g       72     B

The aim of the study is to find Significantly differential Expression gene across Time series 24, 48 and 72 hours. I have two replicates for each Time steps.

I have used below design for analysis. dds <- DESeqDataSetFromMatrix(countData = cts, colData = coldata, design = ~ dex + timeStep + dex:timeStep) and then dds <- DESeq(dds ,test="LRT", reduced = ~ dex + timeStep)

My questions/concerns are: 1. Am I am using correct design Matrix for such time series analysis? 2. Since I am having two replicates as time Period so if the Number of replicates is good for such study? ( I don't have any possibility of adding more replicates.

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Thanks Michael,

For the same experiment, I have run for 4 different Cell line. Out of these 4 Cell line, I am able to get gene with padj cutoff for 2 cellline while other 2 cell line, I didn't get any gene to lower then padj cutoff. For this two celline, I got gene with pval criteria but not padj. So what would your suggestion for such cases?

Regards, Najeeb

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I have no further suggestions. It is underpowered.

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Yes, that's correct. You could also throw in batch into both full and reduced as an additive effect with no interactions with other coefficients. Having two replicates is not desirable for a number of reasons, including bare practicality that one replicate may be of poor quality. But you can see if you can find large effects with this study nevertheless.


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