Question: Problem to update packages
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ajaz24079210 wrote:

I am on Linux Ubuntu version 3.6.1, using BiocManager version 3.9. When I install any package of Bioconductor, at the final of the installation I get the following message:

The downloaded source packages are in
**installation path not writeable,** **unable to update packages**: abind, acepack, askpass, assertthat, backports,
  base64enc, BH, bitops, broom, caTools, cellranger, cli, clipr, colorspace, crayon, crosstalk, curl,
  data.table, DBI, estimability, fansi, forcats, foreach, Formula, gbm, generics, glue, gridExtra, gtable,
  highr, Hmisc, htmlTable, htmltools, htmlwidgets, httpuv, httr, iterators, jsonlite, kernlab, labeling,
  later, latticeExtra, lazyeval, lme4, lubridate, magrittr, manipulateWidget, maptools, MatrixModels, miniUI,
  minqa, ModelMetrics, modelr, munsell, nloptr, nortest, pbkrtest, pkgconfig, pkgKitten, plogr, plyr,
  prettyunits, prodlim, promises, ps, purrr, quantreg, R6, RcmdrMisc, RColorBrewer, RcppEigen, readr,
  readstata13, readxl, relimp, rematch, reshape2, rstudioapi, sandwich, scales, selectr, sourcetools, sp,
  SparseM, SQUAREM, stringi, stringr, tcltk2, tidyr, tidyselect, tidyverse, timeDate, utf8, viridis,
  viridisLite, webshot, whisker, withr, xml2, xtable, yaml, zeallot, class, codetools, foreign, KernSmooth,
  lattice, Matrix, mgcv, nnet, rpart, spatial, survival

I need support to know how to update these packages.

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Answer: Problem to update packages
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Martin Morgan ♦♦ 23k
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Martin Morgan ♦♦ 23k wrote:

These packages were installed to a library under a different account, e.g., by a system administrator. The person with access to that account would need to update them.

The output of .libPaths() indicates the paths where libraries are installed; installed.packages() returns information about which packages are installed in which libraries. One can manage, using the guidance on ?.libPaths and assuming that the packages have not been installed in R's default library, to have complete control over the libraries that you see during your session.

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Hello friend and thanks for your advice.

I figured out the problem

I only had to update using the terminal of the system instead of using RStudio.

The command inside the terminal were

$ sudo R
$ BiocManager::install()
$ a
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When you use sudo you are running as administrator; I would strongly discourage installing packages, other than base R, as administrator.

If this is your own system, then my suggestion would be to remove all packages from the location they are currently in

$ sudo R
> pkgs = installed.packages()
> rm = rownames(pkgs)[[, "Priority"]) ]
> writeLines(rm, "~/pkgs_to_install.txt")
> remove.packages(rm)
> q()

and start again installing packages as a regular user

$ R
> pkgs_to_install = readLines("~/pkgs_to_install.txt")
> BiocManager::install(pkgs_to_install)
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