Couldnt find getAE and ae2bioc?
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kodherif • 0
Last seen 3.7 years ago

Hey im working on jupyter notebook R, i should use bioconductor packages for my finishing thesis, but i have problem. I tried

ArrayExpress packages installed, is it?

I couldnt show you, these are screen shots.

its turkish text, that means couldnt find getAE object and function.

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Same things happened for ae2bioc. How i install and library these packages and functions, thank you.

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Mike Smith ★ 6.0k
Last seen 7 hours ago
EMBL Heidelberg

Your second screenshot suggests that ArrayExpress is failing to load because you have an incompatible version of the rlang package and it hasn't updated this as it is already loaded.

I would suggest running BiocManager::valid() to check you have all the appropriate versions - it will give you the commands to run if things are mismatched.

Note that I don't know how persistent these changes are when using Jupyter Notebooks. It may be sufficient to make installing ArrayExpress the first step in your workflow, before any other packages have been loaded.


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