News:Ensembl 98 has been released and renaming of species
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Dear all

The new Ensembl marts for release 98 are now live on If you are using biomaRt, you can change your host to access our most recent data:

ensemblmart98 <- useEnsembl(biomart=“ensembl")

Important: Please note that we had to rename some species to accommodate new species name format. Please find the full list below or on our FTP site, for vertebrates: and for non-vertebrates:

For Vertebrates:

old BiomaRt species name        New BiomaRt species name
aplatyrhynchos                  applatyrhynchos
bbison                          bbbison
cdingo                          cldingo
cpicr                           cgpicr
ldomestica                      lsdomestica
ccrigri                         cgcrigri
easinus                         eaasinus
cbellii                         cpbellii
hmale                           hgmale
cchok1gshd                      cgchok1gshd
ohsok                           olhsok
ohni                            olhni
pbairdii                        pmbairdii
mfuro                           mpfuro
paltaica                        ptaltaica
mmarmota                        mmmarmota
cpalliatus                      capalliatus
hfemale                         hgfemale
sdorsalis                       sldorsalis
sboliviensis                    sbboliviensis
susmarc                         ssusmarc


old BiomaRt species name        New BiomaRt species name
phal2                           phhal2
pfil2                           phfil2
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