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Van Andel Institute (VAI), a nonprofit biomedical research and science education institute, is seeking to hire a full-time Bioinformatics Analyst or Bioinformatics Research Scientist within the Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core.

The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core provides computational and statistical research support to the growing number of scientists dedicated to studying cancer, neurodegenerative disease, epigenetics, and metabolomics at VAI. Bioinformatics Analysts or Research Scientists assist VAI faculty and staff in the collection, management, analysis, visualization and interpretation of biological data; experimental design consulting; data processing and quality analysis; data integration, and evaluation of analytical tools and technology.

We prioritize bioinformaticians with a willingness and ability to learn a broad spectrum of methodologies. The following list of typical daily duties and responsibilities represents the diversity and breadth of this position:

  • Communicate a variety of complex computational, statistical and biological ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Assist faculty and staff with large-scale mining and analysis of diverse private and public databases.
  • Analyze data using established and novel workflows developed by internal and external groups.
  • Work within a highly distributed Linux-based High-Performance Compute Cluster (HPCC) infrastructure.
  • Create scripts or workflows in R, Python, Perl, Bash, Snakemake or Nextflow.

The Van Andel Institute Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Core is an energetic, innovative and diverse group of scientists that are passionate about data analysis. This job might be right for a person who:

  • Recognizes, establishes and maintains relationships with a wide variety of VAI and external scientists.
  • Manages multiple projects with multiple clients and multiple timelines.
  • Is interested in joining a team of professionals dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and providing top quality customer service.
  • You love taking on difficult challenges and finding the best solution whether it be tried-and-true or cutting edge.
  • Enjoys collaborating and working as a team. You respect the skills each team member brings to the table while still being able to provide constructive criticism.

To qualify for this position, you need to have at least: - Bachelor of Science in bioinformatics, computational or systems biology, physical or computer science or similar breadth of training with Master of Science preferred.

  • Professional experience in Linux HPCC and bioinformatics applications (2+ years).
  • Experience (1-3 years) with R and python or perl is required.
  • Working knowledge of public biological databases (NCBI, ENCODE, ENSEMBL, TCGA, etc.).
  • Experience managing and analyzing large datasets.
  • Familiarity with principles of experimental design and modern data analysis paradigms.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Additional helpful experience includes:

  • Ph.D., for Research Scientists, in bioinformatics, computational biology or related biological sciences field.
  • Demonstrated contributions to research and publication record in bioinformatics.

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