Calculating TOM in blockwise WGCNA
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I am following the WGCNA tutorial on my own dataset, but I am currently stuck in section 5.

Specifically in the first section of the guide.

# Calculate topological overlap anew: this could be done more efficiently by saving the TOM 
# calculated during module detection, but let us do it again here. 
dissTOM = 1-TOMsimilarityFromExpr(datExpr, power = 6); 
# Transform dissTOM with a power to make moderately strong connections more visible in the heatmap 
plotTOM = dissTOM^7; 
# Set diagonal to NA for a nicer plot diag(plotTOM) = NA; 
# Call the plot function
TOMplot(plotTOM, geneTree, moduleColors, main = "Network heatmap plot, all genes")

I am trying to calculate dissTOM, but since my dataset is too large I calculated the modules in a block wise manner, described in section 2c.

To calculate TOM, the function appears to re-calculate adjacency. The guide itself states this will not work for modules calculated blockwise, but I am not sure how to modify the code to fit my data. How do I recalculate TOM if I used the block wise approach to create my network?

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You should repeat the code for each block. The output of your blockwiseModules call will contain the information about which genes belong to which block (component blockGenes).

But, generally speaking, I don't recommend creating these plots for large data sets. They take a long time to create and their information value is, in my opinion, fairly low.


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