cmdscale() error: NA values not allowed in 'd', ask for help.
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Wagaa ▴ 10
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I am learning scRNA-seq analysis by following the workflow. The link is here

I encountered an error at 2.6.2 Dimensionality reduction Step.

W <- colData(se)[, grepl("^W", colnames(colData(se)))]
W <- as.matrix(W)
d <- dist(W)
fit <- cmdscale(d, eig = TRUE, k = 2)

The error information: Error in cmdscale(d, eig = TRUE, k = 2) : NA values not allowed in 'd'

Anyone may help me? thank you.

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davide risso ▴ 920
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University of Padova


the workflow you are following is quite old (~3 years ago) and since then several changes happened to the zinbwave package. One of them is that it now uses the SingleCellExperiment class which stores the reduced dimension matrix in the reducedDim slot.

If you update your code to the following, it should work.

W <- reducedDim(se, "zinbwave")
d <- dist(W)
fit <- cmdscale(d, eig = TRUE, k = 2)

Best, Davide


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