is there an R library to compute semantic similarity in SNOMED ontology?
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izem.rima • 0
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Hello, I am interested in computing semantic similarity (any metric would do at this stage) of concepts in SNOMED ontology. Is there an R library that does that already?

I already found the following closely related packages

  • A perl package which calculates semantic similarity in SNOMED ... but I am unfortunately not a perl programmer.

  • An R library (gosemsim) that calculates semantic similarity for a different ontology (GO) than SNOMED.

    Pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated, thank you!

goSemSim snomed semantic similarity • 607 views
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United States provides measurements of semantic similarity for general ontologies. I am not clear that SNOMED can be readily incorporated into this framework however. I do not see an OWL or OBO representation and a look at the "known deficiencies" section of indicates that there may be some distance to go before SNOMED can be modeled with familiar ontology structures.

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