In edgeR, how am I supposed to be gauging the results of the BCV Plots, the values of common dispersion, tagwise disperson, ect.
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This has been bothering me AND I have seen conflicting information. When it comes to edgeR, how am I supposed to be analyzing the BCV plot to measure up my experimental design? Is it matter of what my BCV hovers around (according to the edgeR vignette, well-controlled human data have BCVs around .2-.4. ) Am I looking to the shape of the distribution along the trend line? What exactly is this telling me, and how is this helpful in improving my design? Appreciate the help.

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What conflicting information? Please give links to what you have read. Hint: if the conflict is between the edgeR documentation and a random page on the internet, then you can guess which one is correct.


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