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Alessandro Ferrantini <aleferra84 at=""""> writes: > Dear all, > > I am looking forward to accessing CEL files in a fast > and flexible way with the help of the affyio package. > > I was trying to use the > read.celfile.probeintensity.matrices() command, but I > have problems with the cdfInfo argument; this is the > error I receive when I try to use the command: > VECTOR_ELT() can only be applied to a 'list', not a > 'char'. > What should I put in if I work, for instance, with > HGU133 CEL files? Is it necessary to make a new cdf > package or not? sessionInfo(), please. How did you install affyio? I suspect you either have an old affyio or a mismatch in R/affyio versions (indicating that you did not install using biocLite). Also, you may want to take a look at the affxparser package which provides similar functionality. + seth
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