Unable to compile the impute package on debian with gcc 4.1
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Hello, I'd like to install the "impute" package on my 64bit debian system. So far, I haven't succeeded as the compilation of the package fails here with following excerpt of an output: --<8-- * Installing *source* package 'impute' ... ** libs gfortran -fpic -g -O2 -c knnimpute.f -o knnimpute.o In file knnimpute.f:1 subroutine knnimp(x,ximp,p,n,imiss,irmiss,kn,workp,workn,iworkp, 1 Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1) In file knnimpute.f:2 & iworkn) 1 Error: Non-numeric character in statement label at (1) In file knnimpute.f:2 & iworkn) 1 Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1) In file knnimpute.f:6 integer iworkp(p),iworkn(n), jj 1 -->8-- So it seems that the installed gfortan isn't able to deal with the source. I have no experiences with the Fortan language so I can't tell if there is indeed something wrong with the sources or if it is merely my installation. More specific, I'm using the 4.1 series of the GNU compiler tools. Are there issues know with this particular compiler suite associated with the impute package? Any solutions to work around the problem? Any hints are highly appreciated. Thanks. Ciao, Sebastian PS Please add my address as a recipient of a carbon copy when replying as I'm not subscribed to this list.
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