tcl/tk dependency of biocLite
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Dear Bioconductor group, i tried to have a leightweight bioconductor install without any tcl/tk requirements. (Bioconductor 2.0 / R 2.5.0) Therefore i chose biocLite since the group "lite" doesn't contain tkWidgets and widgetTools, but i noticed that the contained marray package has a tkWidgets dependency (=package install of marray fails, on tcltk less systems). Are there any plans on splitting marray in a marray and a marrayGUI package, like for limma? That would help "tcltk-less" people like me ;-) Regards, Grischa T?dt -- Grischa T?dt | Molecular Genetics | German Cancer Research Center
Genetics Cancer tkWidgets widgetTools marray Genetics Cancer tkWidgets widgetTools marray • 687 views

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