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Howdy folks, Welcome to the new bioconductor email list (mainly thanks to Martin). I would like to use this list in pretty much the same way that the R-core mailing list is used. A way for us to communicate with each other about developments and issues related to the Bioconductor project. A first request: Please send Jianhua Zhang (jzhang@jimmy.harvard.edu) a URL for your personal (professional) web page. He will be working on fixing up our web page. It will be at www.bioconductor.org shortly. Second: We are pretty close to having Biobase, annotate, hdf5 and genefilter in good enough condition for a beta-release. Anyone with other libraries that they want included let me know (and make sure that they pass CMD check without warnings). Fritz has developed some code for doing noweb style weaving and tangling that looks like it may provide an answer to running and testing the vignettes (or recipes) that need to be provided in inst/docs/xxx.tex. Once we can do this I think we should release in beta form. Third: Duncan Murdoch has built R1.4 for windows and uploaded it to: http://www.stats.uwo.ca/faculty/murdoch/software/r-devel/ this means we should be able to build and test all of our libraries for windows. (This will probably have to move so don't spread it around too widely -- they have a little server). I have no ideas about a mac port yet but that should come along in time. Otherwise, welcome aboard and let's get some software out there where people can use it. Robert -- +--------------------------------------------------------------------- ------+ | Robert Gentleman phone : (617) 632-5250 | | Associate Professor fax: (617) 632-2444 | | Department of Biostatistics office: M1B28 | Harvard School of Public Health email: rgentlem@jimmy.dfci.harvard.edu | +--------------------------------------------------------------------- ------+
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