buildChromLocation with Drosophila2 Affy arrays
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Dear all, I am trying to build a chromosomal map for the Affymetrix drosophila2 array and I am getting the following error from buildChromLocation() in the geneplotter library: > chrLoc <- buildChromLocation("drosophila2") Error in get(mapName, envir = pkgEnv, inherits = FALSE) : variable "drosophila2CHRLENGTHS" was not found Everything else required by buildChromLocation() seem to be in the annotation package... Any suggestions on how to proceed? Marco -- Marco Blanchette, Ph.D. Assistant Investigator Stowers Institute for Medical Research 1000 East 50th St. Kansas City, MO 64110 Tel: 816-926-4071 Cell: 816-726-8419 Fax: 816-926-2018
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