Why makeoutput() function is not included in hopach 1.4.3 version
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Hello Everyone, I am using the hopach package for microarray analysis at my work. I used makoutput() function to view the clustering results. When I upgraded the R software on my local machine, I have installed latest version of hopach package "version 1.4.3". In this latest version, the makeoutput() function is removed. Is there are any other improvised function that has replaced makeoutput() function in the latest release of he version 1.4.3 ? . As I have already saved the code for the makeoutput() function, I am able to use the makeoutput() function in my latest version of hopach. I am curious to know why this function makeoutput has been removed in the latest version of hopach. Thank you, Suprabhath Reddy Gajjala Bioinformatics Research Technician Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Wayne State University [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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