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Karly Faith ▴ 10
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Hi, how are you doing? A few months ago I was a member on several adult dating sites and you could say that I meet my ideal person, at least thats what I thought. The truth is things did not work out with this person and he did not know how to treat me so now I’m looking again. In looking through my things I found your email addy and I wanted to write you, I hope you are still looking. I am not going to lie and tell you that I remember you, because the truth is I do not, but if you send me your pic I am sure it will refresh my memory. I also do not expect you to remember me unfortunately I do not have any pics here but I made a new profile on and if you want to see them the site is 100% free. My profile name is sexycandy69 and I will put you on my list of contacts so you can see my private photos. http://meandyoudatehere.com/ I sincerely hope to hear from you soon and that we can start communicating. Kisses, SC69 To not reiceive any messages in the future easyadultdatinghere please enter you email address here http://meandyoudatehere.com/out/ wbylywqfjlgfvwrawqtsigvcefxkmmgxxowoftq _________________________________________________________________ Instantly invite friends from Facebook and other social networks to join yo https://www.invite2messenger.net/im/?source=TXT_EML_WLH_InviteFriends [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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