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Dear BioC users, I'm using LimmaGUI in R2.7 to analyse my microarray (miRNA exiqon v.10.0) experiments... But I'm not be able to solve this type of error that appearing constantly when I try to compute the linear model fit, particularly this error ever appears when I include in the model only the genes and excluding the controls. I made for this a specific SpotType file: SpotType ID Name Color gene * *mmu black control NO_NAME NO_NAME yellow How can I resolve the error message: "asMatrixWeights(weights, dim(M)): weights is of unexpected shape", using LimmaGUI packege in R? Besides, there is no problem if I compute the model on all spots. Can I modify in any way the spot file? Is there a possibility to solve it in LimmaGUI or a possibility to modify the matrix array when excluding some spots? I hope someone can help me! Thanks a lot and best wishes, Andrea Andrea Bozzato, PhD Dip. Scienze Biomediche e Biotecnologie Sez. Biologia e genetica V.le Europa, 11 25123 Brescia ITALY ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Vuoi essere presente online? Vuoi dare voce alla tua attivita`? Acquista un dominio su A partire da 18,59 euro
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