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Matyas Flemr ▴ 10
Last seen 8.4 years ago
Hi list i got somehow lost as a beginner with BioC.. i have data from marray experiment on 2 conditions, 4 samples each, done on Moe430A and Moe430B chips - so 16 .cel files total and i want to know whether there is any simple way to put A and B together to obtain one table with expression values annotated with Mouse4302.db or so.. i guess i have to preprocess the A's and B's separately (?) so after gcrma i get esetA and esetB but then i'm lost i'll be grateful for any suggestions thank you matyas
moe430a moe430b mouse4302 gcrma marray moe430a moe430b mouse4302 gcrma marray • 680 views

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