I share annotation libraries for the Gene Titan plates
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Hello all, I noticed that Bioconductor provides cdf and probe libraries for the Affymetrix Gene Titan plates, but that the annotation libraries are either lacking or incomplete (Affymetrix control probes are missing). Consequently, I needed to create proper Affymetrix Gene Titan annotation libraries for Bioconductor myself. I share these with you on: http://nugo-r.bioinformatics.nl/NuGO_R.html I also updated the MBNI Custom CDF version 12.0.0 annotation libraries for the Gene Titan plates (same link). Regards, Dr. Philip de Groot Ph.D. Bioinformatics Researcher Wageningen University / TIFN Nutrigenomics Consortium Nutrition, Metabolism & Genomics Group Division of Human Nutrition PO Box 8129, 6700 EV Wageningen Visiting Address: Erfelijkheidsleer: De Valk, Building 304 Dreijenweg 2, 6703 HA Wageningen Room: 0052a T: +31-317-485786 F: +31-317-483342 E-mail: Philip.deGroot at wur.nl <mailto:philip.degroot at="" wur.nl=""> Internet: http://www.nutrigenomicsconsortium.nl <http: www.nutrigenomicsconsortium.nl=""/> http://humannutrition.wur.nl <http: humannutrition.wur.nl=""/> https://madmax.bioinformatics.nl <https: madmax.bioinformatics.nl=""/>
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