Problems with Affylimma and AffylmGUI
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Hi, I'm using AffylmGUI to analyze a few.cel files downloaded from GEO. This used to work nicely in former times but now I have problems with a couple of .cel files based on the mouse 430 2.0 array. I installed the the corresponding .db and .cdf files. But AffylmGUI does not link the probesets to the actual genes, rather all results (expression/differentially expressed genes) are shown with probeset_id but lack any gene specific information. I guess this behavior is related to the error that I get when calling the differentially regulated genes: warning: unable to access index for repository This effect I see on Mac OS/Linux and Windows, all with R 2.8, BioC 2.3. Are there suggestions what I may be doing wrong? Maxim [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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