MArray into data.frame for SPIA package
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library(limma) ? Gordon > Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 10:02:07 -0300 > From: Marcos Pinho <pinho.microarray at=""""> > To: bioconductor at > Subject: [BioC] MArray into data.frame for SPIA package > Content-Type: text/plain > > Dear list, > > I am having difficulties in changing an MArrayLM object that resulted from > my DE analysis with Limma into a data.frame that I could use in the SPIA > package. Do not how to keep all the structure (row names, etc..) > > Regards, > > -- > Marcos B. Pinho > Programa de Engenharia Qu?mica - PEQ > Laborat?rio de Engenharia de Cultivos Celulares- LECC > Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ > Instituto Nacional de C?ncer - INCA > Rio de Janeiro - Brasil >
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