AgiMicroRna and ComBat
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Hi, I'm new to R and BioC and I'm having a few issues. I'm working with the AgiMicroRna package and so far I have normalised my data. I haven't as yet filtered out the miRNAs that are not detected. I have batch effects so I've used the ComBat script to correct the data - the result of which is that the data now consists of a single file containing just the probe names and a single value for each adjusted sample. I want to filter out the non-detected miRNA as per the "filterMicroRna" function but this uses a bunch of parameters that I no longer have. Can anyone suggest an alternative method that would produce the same effect? Alternatively I can only think of making an individual file for each adjusted sample and manually adding back in the columns that I lost...I'm sure there must be an easier way. Any input would be greatly appreciated, Corrinne [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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