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Hi all, I am trying to download dN/dS values for human genes from ensemble using biomaRt. I have used codes from the website : > library("biomaRt") > mart <- useMart(biomart="ensembl", dataset="hsapiens_gene_ ensembl") > genes <- read.csv("file.txt") (this file contains hgnc gene symbols for Homo sapiens) > results <- getBM(attributes = c("ensembl_gene_id","hsapiens_dn"),values = genes$hsapiens_dn, mart = mart) But all the values of hsapiens_dn are shown to be "NA". The first few lines of the output > head(results,10) ensembl_gene_id hsapiens_dn 1 ENSG00000215781 NA 2 ENSG00000243259 NA 3 ENSG00000225566 NA 4 ENSG00000189096 NA 5 ENSG00000215750 NA 6 ENSG00000212884 NA 7 ENSG00000212886 NA 8 ENSG00000229617 NA 9 ENSG00000241176 NA 10 ENSG00000215705 NA Can anyone please tell me where am I going wrong ? . Thanks in advance for any suggestions -- Graduate Student, Laboratory of Computational Biology, Center For DNA Fingerprinting And Diagnostics, 4-1-714 to 725/2, Tuljaguda complex Mozamzahi Road, Nampally, Hyderabad-500001 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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