Annotation for Mouse Affy SNP arrays (MOUSEDIVm520650)?
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Daniel Rico ▴ 110
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Dear list, I could not find a "pd.mapping" annotation package to use for the Affymetrix Mouse Diversity Genotyping array (MOUSEDIVm520650). Is someone preparing one? I would like to use CRLMM and VanillaICE with this arrays, but it seems I need an appropriate annotation package for that. Thanks a lot, Daniel ******************************************** Daniel Rico Rodriguez, PhD. Structural Biology and BioComputing Programme Spanish National Cancer Research Center, CNIO Melchor Fernandez Almagro, 3. 28029 Madrid, Spain. Phone: +34 91 224 69 00 #3015 drico at ******************************************** **NOTA DE CONFIDENCIALIDAD** Este correo electr?nico, y ...{{dropped:3}}
Annotation Cancer VanillaICE crlmm Annotation Cancer VanillaICE crlmm • 995 views

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