Trouble in using AgiMicroRna Package
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Dear Sir, My name is Kannan. I have been trying to work on the image analysis of some Agilent MicroRNA microarray data using R and Bioconductor. We have the microarray data in the form of TIFF, JPEG images and Txt files. Having installed R and also the relevant packages, we are not able to get on with the Analysis properly. We were able to reach until reading the target files, after which we face problem with readMicroRnaAFE. I have pasted below the step that we got stranded in.Could you please offer some advice and guide us in our work? targets=readTargets(infile="targets.txt",verbose=TRUE) Target File FileName Treatment GErep 1 1 C 1 3 3 T 2 > dd=readMicroRnaAFE(targets,verbose=TRUE) Error in file(file, "r") : cannot open the connection In addition: Warning message: In file(file, "r") : cannot open file '1': No such file or directory > Thanks, Kannan -- Kannan Venugopal MSc Biomedical Sciences Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli 620 024 Tamil Nadu India Contact No: 08870455429 [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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